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Apply for Services

Applicant to Waiver

  • Complete a 1 page application which can be provided to you by CCIL
  • Attach one proof of West Virginia residency (driver’s license, utility bill, etc.)
  • Mail, email, or fax the application to the UMC OR CCIL can submit the application on your behalf
  • Once the application is received and reviewed, the UMC and BMS will be in communication to schedule a psychological evaluation to determine eligibility for IDD Waiver.
  • Once the evaluation is completed and reviewed, a notice of decision letter will be sent. If approved, you will be place on a waitlist until a slot becomes available

Transfer to CCIL with active IDD Waiver slot

  • Communicate to the current provider agency the wish to transfer services to CCIL
  • Provider agency will contact CCIL to determine if referrals are being accepted
  • CCIL will request a referral packet consisting of a current treatment plan, current psychological evaluation, and currently BMS eligibility letter
  • Once the referral is accepted, a transfer meeting will be scheduled to transfer services to CCIL with a determined effective date