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Compassionate Nursing Care for Individuals: LPN and RN available



LPN services are available to all individuals on the program who are over the age of 21.

RN services are available to all individuals on the program.

LPNs can order medications per doctor’s orders, provide direct nursing care including medication administration, facilitate procurement of and monitor medical equipment, and train persons on individualized medical and health needs such as wound care, medically necessary diets, etc.

RNs can complete annual assessments, train providers on a client’s specific health needs, attend IDT meetings, and complete summaries of services provided over the meeting review period.

When I first started here it was overwhelming, but your company helped walk me through everything and get me trained to work with my daughter. I used to feel like I was doing it all alone and now I feel like I have a team I can call and depend on.

— Alyssa M.

Tawnya Delancey, BA

Team Member Spotlight

Tawnya Delancey, BA, Case Management Supervisor

Tawnya DeLancey joined CCIL as a Service Coordinator in 2017. Ms. DeLancey advanced through the company to become a Case Management Supervisor over the Parkersburg/Charleston/Huntington areas in 2019. Ms. DeLancey holds a bachelors degree i...

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